Trip Two ... Going With the Wind through Europe
In Search of Spiritual Sanity

Sunset in Barcelona My mind was racing. Why wouldn't these thoughts stop? Working nine-to-five no longer became an option as I had started to receive many pieces of the spiritual puzzle. The time was now! I had to break away from my daily bonds and finish this mystery. I left everything I knew and decided to just go and walk until the clues made themselves known. A very low cost airfare to Western Europe was the deciding factor to where I was headed. Little did I know what I was in for. With no hotel or any other type of reservation, I booked a one way flight. I didn't know when I would return and I only had 400 dollars to my name ... it would have to last until I got my answer. I was determined!

I landed in Brussels and was lucky enough to find a youth hostel for a few nights. I immediately met many wonderful people. The more I traveled around the more I knew I was closer to the answer of this journey. Even with the limited funds I was carrying, I was having the time of my life. Brussels, Paris, Barcelona ... where next? Each new city brought greater experiences. Things were falling into place. The answer was only a few days away.

Barcelona Pictures In Barcelona, my soul feels at rest.  I feel I can now stop my journeys for a while and gather my thoughts.
La Rambla is great!  All the people dress so nicely ... all the street performers ... all the activity ... yes, this will be my home for a while

Barcelona would have been home, but the money situation was getting thin. I found a merchant interested in my Internet skills, but the red tape was very thick for a work visa. Only two hundred dollars left. It was time to move on. I had to make it back to Patmos. At least there I could study at the Monastery with Nicholas. The bus ticket took half my funds and could only get me as far as Rome. I figured my plan. I would hitch a ride to the southern end of Italy and grab a ferry to Greece. All would have been fine, but Rome is not a great place to land without a place to stay.

What transpired in Rome not only left me broke, but almost took my life ...

Author Bio:
Journeys of the Spiritual Warrior is Keitan Windsor's second nonfiction work. He has also written a metaphysical book, titled Moonphase: The Spirit of Change. Born in 1967 in Miami, the author is single and currently lives in the state of Florida. He earned an Associate's Degree in Psychology, and is continuing his education into Sociology and Anthropology. He spends his free time in photography and travelling abroad. "It takes an extraordinary person to do extraordinary things." & "There is no greater purpose than servitude to a cause greater than the self."

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