Trip One ... Greece and the Island of Patmos
In Search of Revelation

Athens ancient auditorium By mere coincidence, I was invited on a business trip to Kalamata, Greece. Just finishing a class on the Book of Revelation at a newly attended church, I found it quite bizarre that I would be able to go to the place where the Apostle John was inspired to write this prophetic book. Surely I would find some answers here. I was way too excited to notice that I had never prepared for a trip overseas by myself ...

After landing in Athens and taking care of the business in Kalamata, I was released from my duty and told to spend the next 7 days wherever my heart desired. I headed straight to Patmos. I was very excited! I took some pictures of Athens and jumped on the next ferry to the islands. It was a 12 hour ferry ride.

The ferry docked and it was pouring rain. Many hotel owners were at the docks to pick up anyone who needed a place to stay for the night. It was nice to be out of the rain and in a clean room. Tomorrow I would start my search for the answers to my many questions. This island has a definite energy to it. I just don't know what ...

The Mediterranean fishing boats of patmos Traditonal Scene on Patmos
Patmos is an island of unending beauty.  Everywhere I turn, history shows its face.  How could this be a place of exile for John? Clear water, clean air, white washed buildings, friendly people.  What a paradise!  The energy
here has fully recharged my spirit.
I found the path that John took to get to the cave to do his writing. My mind went back almost two thousand years as I felt the ghost of John walking these same stones. What was going through his mind? How did he feel as all these visions and premonitions were flowing through him? Path to the Patmos Cave

Other Pictures of This Journey
From the Cave House
Orthodox Priests
Orthodox Sanctuary
Landscape of Patmos
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