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Now that we are well into the Information Age, the key to sustainability is knowing how much information we can assimilate while keeping our lives in balance. Working as a computer specialist, the balance that I keep is one that brings technology and people together. Knowing that both hold the key to our collective vision, I try to bring computers well within the usable realm of the people who use them. Together we move forward with our specialized knowledge, assisted by the digital age, to come together in thought, ability and spirit.

Balance: A high attention to detail without losing sight of speed and efficiency has always been my focus. I have been involved in computers since 1991 and have a comprehensive knowledge of them. Since 1995 I have built professional web pages from single-page to multi-faceted websites. I enjoy seeing a project from the conception phase to delivery of the final product, including all points in between. I have the ability to integrate CGI, Flash and JavaScript into HTML documents and specialize in cross-platform compatibility for users of different software versions (Netscape, Opera, Internet Explorer on Mac or PC). Also, I have full knowledge of hand coding HTML including complex tables, CSS stylesheets and framesets.

Training: Love for people has been a theme throughout my life. Technology is great, but what is its real importance without being able to impact and improve the lives of people, animals and ecosystems around the world? Through the many positions I've held, my favorite ones have involved the challenges of training people and learning new technologies. And after learning new technologies, I am proactive about getting my knowledge out to others in the team to make the workplace one of cooperation and innovation.

Software: Dynamic exposure and use of various software titles to accomplish the many tasks that are needed to fulfill the requests by my end users. My ongoing experience in specific programs includes: Diagnosing Windows 3.1 (c. 1992) through Windows 7 (c. 2009). Internet Web Page Design through HTML with elements of Flash, JSP, CGI and JavaScript; Graphics manipulation with Adobe Photoshop; Presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint; Business forms and letters with Microsoft Word; Publications with Adobe PageMaker 6.0 or Microsoft Publisher; Assistant system administration with UNIX; File transfers through FTP and PC Anywhere; Exposure to XML as well as Oracle and FileMaker database systems. There is yet a piece of hardware or software that I cannot train myself on and use in a short period of time. My love for learning keeps me always on the cutting edge of technology.

Work History
July 2011 to present IT Manager for Fann Contracting, Inc. & Fann Environmental LLC - Prescott, AZ
This unique construction firm uses a mix of Apple and Windows computer systems. Along with being the primary point of contact for providing desktop support, I also assist in the server duties and anything else that requires IT help. Training provided to users to become more efficient in both Windows and Mac systems. Hardware repair and upgrades. Website design and maintenance of For the Fann Environmental office, I provide all IT support including networking, backups, desktop support, repairs, upgrades, planning and all other IT duties.
July 2010 to June 2011 IT Coordinator for Biology and Psychology at the University of Oregon - Eugene, Oregon
The Departments of Psychology and Biology have specific IT needs that require an in-house coordinator. Duties include: academic and research IT desktop support for faculty, staff and GTFs (graduate teaching fellows); coordination of IT projects; website management for department and labs; management of student workers (Biology) and professional IT staff (Psychology); server administration; department computer lab maintenance, including all computer equipment; ordering of software and hardware; management of ticketing system; advising on audio & video equipment in teaching lab spaces. Other duties as requested by department heads. Duties also include IT support and coordination for CEEB (Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), which is an institute of the Biology department.
July 2009 to July 2010 Coordinator of IT for Natural Sciences at the University of Oregon - Eugene, Oregon
In addition to the responsibilities of being the Biology IT Coordinator (below), this position was created when I joined a management team to start a service for the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) to provide IT services for the Natural Sciences division. My charge was to provide desktop support to the Natural Sciences departments with a small team of IT technologists. I also worked with the two other divisional leaders (Social Science and Humanities) to advise our CAS IT director in the future development of this newly created service. Duties also included coordinating and executing hardware, networking, and other software needs for departments as requested.
August 2005 to July 2009 Biology IT Coordinator at the University of Oregon - Eugene, Oregon
Responsible for the design and maintenance of the department website, all computer support for the Biology Administration, supporting the digital needs of the biology labs, and managing student workers and the Biology Microcomputer Lab (BML). Computers administered include: Apple G5 & Intel Servers (Tiger & Leopard), Dell Windows 2003 Server, Mac & PC workstations, 50 MacBooks & iBooks (G3 OS9 and G4 OS X), networked laserjet printers and copiers.
April 2004 to August 2005 Computer Support and Copy Technician with Central Print & Reprographics - Eugene, Oregon
Produce color copies from prepared media in bulk using Xerox DocuColor12 Hewlett-Packard 5000, and Hewlett-Packard 3500 printers and copiers. Assist in supporting computer systems for a 25 employees. Provide customer care and support with their color documents (hard copy or digital).
November 2003 to present Owner of GoodFix Computer Services - Eugene, Oregon
In-home consultant for PC and Macintosh computer systems. Provide one-on-one training, upgrades and software support for home systems.
April 2003 to November 2003 Software Spectrum Contractor with Personnel Source - Eugene, Oregon
Provide technical support for Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security at a call center in downtown Eugene. Technical assistance in virus removal and general computer maintenance as well. Duties also include collection of customers' personal data including credit card number for entry into a database.
August 2002 to April 2003 Trainer, Sales Web Support, Web Design -, Boca Raton, Florida
Merging data from HTML to XML through a Java Web interface. Training and overseeing of eight employees on special team project to migrate 3000 web sites from HTML to XML. Maintenance of clients' web information and creation of new travel web sites. Sales assistance on anything pertaining to the Web.
September 2001 until August 2002 Sabbatical
Travels through Germany, southern England, Canary Islands and Bangkok. The dot-com crash reached my work in Germany so I took the time to see what the world was really about. Thailand made the biggest impression with its poverty and the sweetness and devotion of the inhabitants.
June 2000 until September 2001 HTML Specialist with JSP, - Nürnberg, Deutschland (Nuremberg, Germany)
Specializing in online discussion boards using JSP technology. Clients supported include Deutsche Börse, ConSors Discount Broker and Vaybee Turkish Community.
July 1999 until June 2000 Sr. HTML Designer, - Golden, Colorado
Design and optimize graphics for corporate web site. Create and update content from all departments into HTML working around Broadvision coding. Technical support for sales and marketing.
December 1998 until July 1999 IBM Contractor with Tascor Staffing - Boulder, Colorado
Assistant Web Administration position. Maintenance of IBM's Software Group Sales Intranet. HTML manipulation and error-checking. Also, summarization of sales related news articles published via Domino Database server to the web.
August 1995 until September 1998 Head of Development, InterNetwork Publishing Corp. - Boca Raton, Florida
Internet advertising company. Joined at the beginning and helped develop it to a successful company in under 2 years with over 25 employees. In charge of the following: Extensive web page design, computer hardware and software in-house technician, Local Area Network (LAN) setup and administration, training of new employees, UNIX assistant administrator, support of remote sales staff, purchasing of new hardware and software and client support.

3 Years of Psychology, University of Georgia and Florida International University, 1992-1994
2 Years of Psychology, Palm Beach Community College, 1989-1991
High School Diploma (1985), North Shore Community High School - West Palm Beach, Florida

Interests and Activities
Keitan - My personal website and photography.
Other interests include: Family, digital photography, hatha & kriya yoga, poetry, swimming, camping, and studying international cultures and scenery.

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