Sedona Hiking - Devil's Bridge

Welcome to the Moonphase Photography Section. Here you will see many different sections dedicated to different aspects of travel, chakras, and other topics to explore life on earth in pictorial form.

The image above is from a hike in Sedona, Arizona at a place called Devil's Bridge. I find it ironic that it has this name, for it is a place of serenity where the open mind can explore itself among one of the great wonders of the divine.

I'm glad you arrived. Please enjoy some chakra photos below.

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1st Chakra - Muladhara - Grounding

2nd Chakra - Swadhitana - Creating

3rd Chakra - Manipura - Potential and Power

4th Chakra - Anahata - Universal Love

5th Chakra - Vishuddha - Expression

6th Chakra - Ajna - Intuition

7th Chakra - Sahasara - Reconnection

Bamboo Trail Maui

Welcome to the Moonphase Poetry Section. This is the place where I portray pictures and emotions using the art of language. I hope you enjoy the prose and poetry of this section.

The image above is from a hike on the Pipiwai Trail in Maui, Hawaii. It's close to the town of Hana on the southeast side of the island. Before visiting here in March of 2017, I never thought I would be strolling through a wild stand of bamboos. It's an experience like no other. Some places of the forest were so thick that the sunlight couldn't even break through!

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A Centurion's Life


Inner Vision

Lele Kawa - Cliff Jumping Ceremony

Chakras Alive

Poem of Hope

K A Gonzalez, also known around the Internet as Keitan, has been communicating online since 1993. Born in Miami, Florida, he has lived and traveled through the United States, Europe, and explored parts of Asia. Through all his journeys outside, the most important one was the path within.

"Finding the essence of oneself is paramount to understanding others and the universe. I encourage everyone to gather a spiritual tool kit and make the necessary changes to achieve your purpose on this planet."

In 1996, Keitan traveled to Europe with only $250 and made it over a month before running out of money, but the lessons learned and people met were priceless souvenirs that evolved his soul exponentially. With a fresh perspective of his American homeland, he set out to make connections with people. In 1997 he self-published a book of automatic writing and poems using the pen name Keitan Windsor titled Moonphase: The Spirit of Change. It was a raw snapshot of identified societal issues of the United States, and had suggestions on how people could make a change to better themselves and others. The book covered topics such as:

Moonphase - The Spirit of Change cover

  • Spiritual evolution
  • Communication
  • Energy and the human condition
  • Achieving the soul's purpose
  • Love and fear for life
  • Sin
  • Forgiveness
  • Past, present and future
  • Elements of change
  • Complicated and simple life
  • Money, greed and hope

In 2000, he was invited by a former colleague to leave Golden, Colorado and move to Germany for a six month contract to help a local company there design web pages. Six months turned into two years, and it was there that Keitan was changed by his European residence through a deep transformation at the core of his being. Karma Yoga became his life's method, and he removed the last remnants of his chaotic childhood with the help of his German wife and homeopathy. This opened the door to becoming a father in 2003, and as such he has led a sabbatical life of meditation, chakras, travel and photography.

After a calling from the Divine while in the Grand Canyon on October 31, 2015, Keitan was challenged to return from his reticent existence to take what he had learned for the past 18 years and bring the message of love, forgiveness, and recovery to the people. In the process, he chronicled an account of the unusual and paranormal experiences from his life. But first he wanted to publish a photographic journey through the charkas using images he took through the years and pairing them up with meditative phrases and affirmations. This is his current literary offering called Chakra Reflections: Colors of the Soul (website). The electronic copy is in circulation and can be acquired from Balboa Press by clicking here.

Starting in May of 2017, he is offering workshops in Prescott, Arizona with yoga teacher, sound healer, and soul coach, Maria McGonigal. Together they are creating a space where people can explore the inner workings of the hemispheres of their brain, align themselves with their essence, and then find a form of expression to discover the creative beauty that each person has within.

The ultimate goal is to not only help others find personal transformation, but to also seed ideas that can bring humanity to the next level of consciousness. With bold visions to collectively utilize the good in each other, K A Gonzalez shows that society has a real chance to enter into the next existence of peace and prosperity.

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Twitter: @keithgonzalez