Below are images that hold the qualities of the first chakra, called Muladhara in the ancient Sanskrit.

Muladhara - 1st Chakra

At the base of the spine resides the red spinning energy wheel of the first chakra. It is most associated with rooted energy and being grounded. This chakra also speaks to items needed for survival and building sound foundations. Good beginnings come from a well-nurtured basis.

Horseshoe Crab

One of the most ancient animals on the planet, the Horseshoe Crab. They are often called "Living Fossils" since they have been on the planet in this form around 200 million years -before- dinosaurs roamed the earth. It is one of the most rooted animals on the planet, and thus has earned a place in the 1st chakra section. This specimen was taken off the southwest coast of Florida, United States.

Hamburg Snails

Slow moving and existing everywhere on the earth, a snail is known to exist in the soil and things that grow from it. Soil is where roots are formed, and where we can symbolically also put our footing. The spiral of a snail's shell is a constant reminder of the evolving nature of the physical universe. It starts at a point and keeps revolving in growing successions. Snails are basic and very important creatures. These two were taken in a city garden park in Hamburg, Germany.

Below are images that hold the qualities of the second chakra, called Swadhistana in the ancient Sanskrit.

Swadhistana Chakra

Spinning around the area of the reproductive organs, it is no surprise that this chakra covers the areas of creativity. Artistic ability is the highlight here. It’s orange energy focuses on earthly desires and provides an outlet for our passion. When spinning at a good frequency, it helps set healthy boundaries for relationships.

Golden Coconuts

Golden in color, these palm trees in south Florida make a delicious coconut filled with naturally sweet water and meat. The only trick is getting them down without cracking the nut or the seeker's head.

Savannah Candy Store

Filled with thousands of morsels of desire, this candy store in Savannah, Georgia tempts all its visitors to overindulge their senses. Nowhere on the label does it indicate the severity of the subsequent blood sugar crash.

Below are images that hold the qualities of the fourth chakra, called Anahata in the ancient Sanskrit.

4th Chakra Anahata

The most generous, unconditional, and unattached form of love spins around the green chakra in the heart space. Heaven and earth find the meeting point in this zone and show compassion and understanding when spinning at a good frequency. 

Waterfall in Oregon

Universal love is all around us, requiring only our attention in the present moment. But there are some places that get us there in an instant. Waterfalls in Oregon, between Eugene and Bend.

Watering Flowers in Germany

Without a cluttered mind, the mind of a child reminds one of purity in the moment. The love a child has can be boundless. So too should we all relearn to love each other and the our creation at a base level of universal existence.

Below are images that hold the qualities of the third chakra, called Manipura in the ancient Sanskrit.

Chakra Manipura

Courage and the ability to affect change is the power of this yellow spinning wheel. Physically associated with the solar plexus, this is where manifestations find form in this reality. This is the ‘core’ where so many workout regimens focus, because it is from here that everything in the physical body pivots.

RX-8 Engine

Where to even begin? Initiative is sourced from the third chakra. It is from here that the physical body starts into a project, like replacing a radiator in an engine. There's no nurturing going on here, it's pure mechanics mixed with the will to get something done.

Coiled Rattlesnake

Potential to do harm or protect oneself is represented in the third chakra. Things of power lay at rest, waiting for the right moment to send out energy. Sometimes it's to feed, and sometimes it's to flee.

Below are images that hold the qualities of the fifth chakra, called Vishuddha in the ancient Sanskrit. 

5th Chakra Vishuddha

Sing your song! Express yourself! These are the commands of the rich blue energy in the vocal cords area. The ability to express thoughts and emotions effectively is a reflection of a clearly spinning fifth chakra. As a verbal connection to the thinking mind, this chakra reaches into the more ethereal realms of our existence.

Aquamarine Crystals

The fifth chakra is where the higher spiritually-based energies manifest into our physical expression. From the energy of thought comes the spoken word. Crystals, also made up of energy, help us concentrate our internal energies. Aquamarine is represented above. It can help reduce stress for seeing it as it really is and calms the mind. The result can help us properly act after careful thought instead of reacting to the words of others in an emotional manner.

Seal Barking

With confidence we can speak the mind effectively and clearly. The fear of speaking publicly vanishes when we properly prepare the subject material and frame it in a way to express for maximum effect and proper volume. This seal from Florida loves to be heard.