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Companies are always sending us post-sale surveys to get more information to improve their products and services.

Why the Avacafe system would be seen as viable:

  • If companies really believe that our information is valuable, wouldn't they pay for it if the information could be curated by focus groups instead of random people spending some free time giving information back to them?
  • If I see something on the store shelf that I find valuable, can I simply take it? No, of course not. That would be considered theft. But companies want to our information that they keep saying is really valuable. It's time for them to pay for the information resource. Avacafe can guarantee top-shelf information.

On the Internet, companies are tracking our moves by turning on microphones and cameras on devices to listen in to mine our data. This is causing a lot of distrust from consumers who feel privacy is being invaded. Avacafe changes this negative into a positive for companies. We promote lasting relationships with companies who are ready to pay quality-minded consumers (Avatars) instead of snatching our valuable data.

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