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Avacafe is a concept to make a better marketplace and help us all earn a basic income. Being a full time dad and 40+ hour IT professional, I've not had the time to dedicate the resources needed to launch Avacafe on my own. The full effort would require business planning, database programming, web design, marketing, and much more. With the recent increased interest in the UBI (universal basic income) model, I'm very hopeful that Avacafe can have a part in this greater discussion to make these things a reality. That said, I'm planning on spending a lot more time to help launch Avacafe and do my part for the basic income movement.

If you like what you see here and have any questions or comments, please use the Create Account link at the top right of this web page to get a basic account to then contribute your thoughts.

Namasté and thank you for your time!

Keith Gonzalez (aka Keitan)

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