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Since 2001, we've been thinking of a way to counteract the effects of automation and robotics in Industrial society.

Avacafe, originally known as CoLiving, was conceived from the notion of helping to move society from the Industrial Age to the Communication Age. The equation is simple. Automation and robotics are trending faster than any other technology in the workforce, yet the population is continuing to rise. This direct conflict, left unchecked, will impoverish billions of people in the near future and create a dystopia on a massive scale. New ideas must be brought to the forefront to solve this crisis in a sustainable manner.

With the advent and proliferation of the Internet, we now have the ability to provide an exchange of information directly from consumers to businesses, helping to pave the way for creative ideas and cost savings. By building a database where like-minded people can join in virtual focus groups, companies can cash in on the collective knowledge to help build new products and services. In the process, companies pay for this premium information from Avacafe's participants. The result is a symbiotic of relationship where companies waste less and gain more profit from ideas that are really sought for by interested people. The information exchange provides the consumers a basic income from participating in surveys and questionnaires at a livable wage rate. This rate is set at the "sweet spot" that makes it affordable to companies, while at the same time provides enough income.

This concept is similar to the UBI (Universal Basic Income) idea, but has some very distinct differences. The largest one is that it does not require any legislation or tax collection to fund a basic income. Instead, it uses free market forces to pay individuals in an energy-for-energy exchange of information for goods and services. This might be seen as an advantage to the UBI system in that the people would still feel in power of their lives. This would be in contrast of the possible exploitation of governments that provide a basic income, who might use such an income system as a way to control the population.

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