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Non-profits are charged with making a difference, but they spend so much valuable time and resources in the fundraising effort. Avacafe changes all of this... finally!

Avacafe offers non-profit groups:

  • Funding in exchange for accountability
  • The most efficient line to your donors
  • Amazing exposure to local residents
  • No commitment whatsoever to get started

Non-profits have the most to gain with the success of Avacafe. We automatically provide funding for non-profit entities in a way that guarantees survival, so long as the Avatars also believe in your mission. Avacafe is interested in funding non-profits so they can focus more on the mission.

The Non-Profit element is a huge motivation of Avacafe. It is also what makes us different from all other models currently out there. We firmly believe that the success of established and new non-profits adds an important element to the longevity of our society. The significant percentage of business conducted through Avacafe gets put into non-profit accounts as a direct result of Avatar interest. Accountability is all that is asked of organizations, as they report to interested Avatars how donated money is spent.

Together, with passionate innovation and the success of the Avacafe model, we can make the world resemble more what we would like it to be.

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