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Avacafe's mission to help every person contribute to a better marketplace and earn a basic income is a large step to getting to the next major shift in human consciousness. That is, how we think about currency in general.

Back in the 1990s, I was involved at a deep level in a discussion about bringing the natural ecosystem of the planet into the currency fold. The idea was for every person to agree that clean air, clean water and the ability to grow natural food was essential to our survival. With this understanding, it only made sense that the ecosystem products that boosted these principles should be the basis of currency. The idea back then was called the Global Resource Bank, and guaranteed every person on the planet with a basic income. It established an announced value of the planet's ecosystem product, called the earth’s wealth of natural resources, and was valued at an amount enough to buy out all the existing currencies on the planet. Each person was given one vote per year to rate the state of the environment in their locale, and the sum of all the votes would increase or decrease the value of the currency.

The idea is beautiful and I fell in love with it. I was the technical lead back in the 90s, but was banished from the project in 2001 when I was speaking with some business leaders in Germany. They said it was too far of a leap to be feasible, so we started talking about a catalyst like Avacafe to bring in the natural currency as a coexisting entity to current currencies until such a point that it could be flipped over exclusively to the new currency. That one meeting blacklisted me from the GRB group by its leader. Unbeknownst to me, the GRB idea was a rigid and closed discussion, and I was in violation of its charter.

Regardless of my status with the GRB financial theory, I still believe that a currency based on the natural environment is the way to save the planet. We must make it more profitable for a company to leave a forest stand than to cut it down. Some globalists think the only way to survive on this planet is to either depopulate or colonize a new world. I think that we can fix the mess we made by simply changing the motivations and the effects of our activity from destroying to resurrecting the natural environment.

As I write this, large swaths of rain forest are being cleared for meat production. The air in large cities around the world is poisonous to breathe. Water is filled with lead or petrochemicals in places around the United States. There is so much plastic waste in the oceans that it has grown to a size of a country. The list goes on and on, and at this rate there is little more to do than grab whatever can be had before a full-scale planetary meltdown.

The quest for profit may never change, but the effects of such goals can be shifted to benefit the planet instead of destroying it. Avacafe, and the effort towards a natural-based currency, are the steps to reach this better way of coexisting. Won't you be a part of the vision? Share your thoughts today. Click the Create Account link at the top right of this web page.

Namasté, Keitan