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Avacafe can only work if the sum of its avatars own the company. This makes the nature of Avacafe publicly owned, but not in the traditional sense of a stock market publicly-traded company which seeks profit above all else. Social responsibility is the main tenet of Avacafe. Each person that signs up and participates in surveys from interested companies becomes part of the ownership, because it's only through the shared information of its avatars that Avacafe is tenable.

Through crowd sourced fundraising, Avacafe can reach a starting amount to get off the ground. From there the small percentage of the survey income collected by its members varies based on the tasks needed to be completed. Even the original founders of the system need to work for its growth after its initial launch, instead of collecting an annual salary from the avatars.

Avacafe is best thought of as a consumer union, where we come together to share our opinions and ideas with companies, but making sure that we get paid a basic income for our efforts. This basic income can become more depending on how much energy is put into the growth by getting companies to sign up and participate, as well as recruiting non-profits to get listed for automated funding.

Together, we all make the world a better place and start earning a basic income, one survey at a time.

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