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Individuals, also known as Avatars in the Avacafe system are the lifeblood of the operation


  • Specify their interests to take part in surveys from companies who are looking for premium information on different topics
  • List the non-profits that will get 10% of their survey income
  • Answer surveys as honestly and comprehensively as possible to keep their rating high

In the basic sense, Avatars are people who join Avacafe and list their interests in their profile for companies to query. But being an Avacafe Avatar is so much more than this. Imagine a marketplace where companies ask you what you would like to see developed, or services that are tailored to your needs. The power of personal information is just beginning to be realized. And up to now, your information has been collected and used without your representation. Becoming an Avatar in the Avacafe system means you want your voice heard in your community. It means that you value what you are interested in.

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