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Building relationships through the Avacafe system works at the local level, and goes all the way up to the national level. When enough people exist in the avatar database, focus groups of various sizes can be sought out that benefit companies that provide local products and services. A small company can query a focus group of 20 or so people and get good information from a local demographic for a very low survey fee. Large national companies can afford a much larger survey pool to focus in on a specialized part of the population. In either case, relationships are built based on a cooperative association of quality information for a fair fee.

As more and more companies use the avatar database, they rate the surveys of the avatars in a star-rating like system. As the system grows, companies can get information from 4-star or above avatars. This provides a checks-and-balances system where people filling out surveys take their task seriously to be considered for future surveys. On and on it grows until we see a marketplace that represents the true desires of the population, great discussions between groups, income for people, and needed funding for non-profits.

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