Avacafe as a catalyst to full basic income

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The main difference between the UBI (Universal Basic Income) structure and Avacafe is that the latter requires no governmental policy to get started. Avacafe is a part of the free market economy system that builds a relationship between companies and individuals, exchanging information for money.

That said, it is possible that Avacafe acts as a catalyst to a full UBI system. With the large scale success of Avacafe, government may want to get involved at some level to ensure that all parts of the population receive a fair amount of surveys to guarantee a certain level of overall income that puts each individual above the poverty line. Government could also get involved in regulating what surveys could be administered to minors in the Avacafe system. In time it is possible that the UBI system becomes a function of the population being engaged in the activity of society, whereas the duty of the citizens are to take part in surveys to help mold the direction of policy and how things generally operate.

I'd love to hear more ideas in this area (and all aspects of the Avacafe concept)!

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