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Sometimes I feel like I live in the twilight zone, rushing around to deal with all the things in the material world. Maybe I would find more logic in it if we were creating a beautiful world to justify the hectic pace. Instead I find myself searching more and more for places to visit with clean air and unpolluted views. India, a place I always dream of visiting, has poisonous air in its large cities. This capitalistic, partially-globalized society of ours has produced items of wonder, but at a very high cost. Poverty is widespread and rampant, creating all kinds of other maladies for life on earth. I sometimes hide in my home and think, "We're humans. We can do so much better than this!"

Minimizing the effects of our daily actions, and actually have them work in our favor is simply a human invention waiting to be discovered. Avacafe is a huge step in that direction. The shift begins when companies see the benefit in listening to its customers and engaging them directly. How many people would spend a little bit for a product that's better for our habitat? What would it take to get people to keep economy local? Surveys and questions - information - is the holy grail of companies. They want it. They know it will give them an edge over the competition. They value it more than anything else, and currently they clandestinely take it while we move around the information superhighway. Instead of grabbing what belongs to us and irritating the masses, they can choose to build relationships with consumers.

The dream of Avacafe is that the marketplace becomes a true representation of the people who live within it. It's a place where people and businesses collaborate to create new ideas. In the process, the beloved non-profits are funded so they can continue making the world a better place. This is the better world that Avacafe hopes to help construct.

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